New Moz Study Supports the Traffic Monsoon Model

November 12, 2015

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Moz, a leading SEO research company, recently released an important study that backs up what Traffic Monsoon does for its members.

In light of Google updates over the last few years, those who analyze website traffic are now more interested in quality than ever before. As you probably know, having a huge amount of low-quality links pointed at your site is no longer going to get you ranked in Google’s search engine.

Instead, user engagement is more important than ever.

What’s “user engagement” and how does it affect my business?

It now appears that Google’s search engine algorithm now accounts for the following indicators of user engagement:

  • bounce rate
  • time on site
  • direct visits
  • website visits
  • interaction: comments, video views, clicks

At least there is a correlation between traffic and ranking. That means, the more traffic your website gets, the higher it will rank. Therefore, getting traffic from sources other than search engines will help your site in the search engines.

Perfect reason to believe the Traffic Monsoon reviews, whose formula for success is based on sending targeted traffic to your website.

How Traffic Monsoon’s website traffic helps your site:

The people who get paid to view banners and visit websites in the Traffic Monsoon network aren’t just visiting then “bouncing” away.

They’re staying on the page, navigating through the site, watching videos…behaving like the true visitors that they are.

This year’s Moz Ranking Correlation Study was different.

For the first time, Moz’s annual Ranking Correlation Study included user-generated statistics. They used engagement metrics like the ones described above, meaning they took a look at how user behavior correlated with search engine rankings.

In other words it’s about interaction rather than on-page SEO factors like title tags and key words. Nobody’s quite sure how Google uses engagement metrics yet, but there are some correlations.

The correlations between the things Traffic Monsoon visitors do and higher search engine rankings.

Here’s what the Moz study found:

  • The more traffic a site received, the higher it tended to rank.
  • There was a tiny correlation between time on site and rankings.
  • There was also a small correlation between how many pages a visitor viewed and rankings.
  • The higher the bounce rate, the lower the rankings and vice-versa.

What this is telling us is that Google is paying more attention to how visitors behave on your website. Since Traffic Monsoon has visitors not just visiting but interacting, this bodes well for the Traffic Monsoon formula.

It still doesn’t mean Google uses these factors in their algorithm- it simply points to a correlation. User satisfaction is highly important, though. Plus, people are still arguing that click-through-rate matters in the SERPS, so we really don’t know exactly what Google is doing. But if you rank the top mlm companies, Traffic Monsoon deserves to be up there.

We can only point to correlations like those in this Moz study, and know that Traffic Monsoon appears to be on the right track, at least for now, as far as quality traffic goes.

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